As well as an exclusive programme of events, including concerts in two parts with an interval, Jazz à 7.4. It was 23 years before the next jazz festival occurred in 1972 under the name, Grande Parade du Jazz, and from 1974, the festival became an annual affair. Thanks to this huge, prestigious festival, you have chance to rub shoulders with some world-famous stars in Nice. Free ‘OFF’ program:  The Nice Jazz Festival hosts the OFF Festival (think Off-Broadway, or off the beaten track…) with a whole slate of free concerts and events popping up all over town: in vineyards, gardens, galleries, shopping malls, open-air markets, on Promenade du Paillon, in the tramways… and all for free. If you can read French, check out Groupon’s local Nice deals for half-price activities, restaurants, private beaches, and more…,