You just have to protect him from the flayed one. Even better if your unit is in cover, giving the enemy only 1/6 chance to kill the unit, the same exact chance of restoring it to full health. Either you go for maximizing the amount of shots you can do for each unit, or you go for mortal wounds. Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Kill Team(8E) Factions. Warhammer 40K Kill Team: Tau Empire Tactics and Markerlights Created by Nelso34 Tactic Cards and Markerlights for the Tau Empire faction in Warhammer 40K Kill Team. In the right hands, Lictors can be downright terrifying in Kill Team, with a 9″ move and the ability to toss out 3 attacks with grasping claws, a S6 AP-1 2 damage weapon in melee combat. If you have good move rolls, you could pretty much run around 18" on the best possible scenario with most unit, or shoot without the disadvantage of long range shooting, making the opponent rather nervious from the get go. Just like the Death Guard, advance without fear and they won't be able to push you back (unless you suck with the dice rolls). Specially the Skitarii. Necrons should focus on the one with the cutter, reanimation protocols can't protect them from the cutter. Alright, I'm not a super experienced player but nobody else tackled this so here goes nothing. Also, while their general strength is 4, they can only hope to kill something in melee with the flayed one. Despite every Kroot unit having the T’au Empire keyword, Kroot Carnivores are the. Marines are good in this, considering their performance is not impaired with a single mortal wound, so they can hit back like a truck if they're not down. They are fast enough to do so. Can totally swing the outcome of a mission, largely based on random chance. 3. Just don't get too cocky and take on a whole blob of them, because there will be a small chance they get lucky and hit you with a t'au punch and that'd just be about the most embarrassing way to die. Kill Teams must necessarily be able to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of their mission, reacting to new threats and employing specialist equipment. The Tessla Immortal's only job is to sit on an objective in the back and be a 3+ save - being the only model in your army that can throw two shots downrange at 24", and with Tessla triggering on an unmodified 6 per the errata, he ends up doing better at this job than your dedicated sniping units. It's surprisingly balanced, having a lot of tools for most cases, though it does have problems agains weapons with some AP and the lack of non-commander psykers. Hell, guns with lots of attacks will do the trick, seeing that saving throws of 5+ is rather difficult if you need to save multiple wounds. If you choose to play with the Ambull, each round theres an ever increasing chance it might turn up. Worth a roster slot in some scenarios. Gunner's choices (2): (1) Either a Dark Lance or a Splinter Cannon + (1) either Blaster or Shredder. This is more of a thing your opponent will be unpleasantly surprised by because they chose to charge a unit that you put in harms way. Adrenal Glands give them a +1″ to advance and charge rolls, and makes an already fast model (8″ move speed, and a 6″ pile in/consolidate) even faster. Your Heavy Weapon Platform on the other hand cannot become a specialist or part of a fireteam at all and also require a Guardian Defender babysitter to do anything. Unfortunately, this isn't an easy feat, and will likely require a specialized team. Otherwise, they didn’t change much in the Kill Team Annual, gaining a single new tactic to compliment their set. Not a particularly good weapon considering it depends on the user's strength and has no AP, but hey, it's free. If you have any penalties to hit but no bonuses, then the Zealot tactic will never proc. Flames won't ever be able to counter them in overwatch, and with such a strike range, no unit is really safe from a charge from a blind spot. With BS3+, you'll probably be shooting at units beyond half of your range, plus cover, so expect many BS5+ rolls. Tyranids are monsters in melee, but are usually pretty fragile (the 5+ saves might have clue'd you in) so if you can survive their charge (spoiler, unlikely) or hit them reliably in overwatch, you can get shit done. Add to that the ability to ignore enemy cover and the ability to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies with the Death Is Not Enough rule, and you have a winner here. The basic grunt, the Necron Warrior is a rather decent unit, albeit somewhat overcosted in my opinion. Also, I've never actually played Tyranids so I'm gonna broad stroke it and hope someone else comes along who knows what they're doing to fix it. We will talk about the Kill Team rules, fluff, squad building, customization, personal narrative and battle reps. Mindshakle Scarabs. Unless a model with this rule is within 24″ of a friendly SYNAPSE model, they get -1 to any hit rolls when shooting at a target that isn’t the closest, and -2 to charge rolls if they charge a model that isn’t the closest. So only use the recon drone's Savior Protocols to tank that one really devastating hit. The metamorphs are more interesting. On a 5+ on a D6, and the unit will move 6" extra before even starting the game. Strength 5 shooting as standard across the board means you hit like a cast iron skillet against the head of an abusive husband, and the easier time wounding helps mitigate guardsman level accuracy. NB: Shardnet & Impaler theoretically can be better against Geq,but you dont reroll wound,it is a risk. ...and the enemy both stays and lacks a gun, then you fall back and shoot it with yours. Death Guard is too tough for the kroots, fair and simple. This is a show all about Kill Team and all the exciting things we get to experience as we explore what the game has to offer. Basically, keeping enough pressure against the mooks to get them into general shock fast is a viable strategy. AP-1, to be precise, it definitively won't take down Custodes with this, but it's a start. I just want to play Kill Team without flipping open the Core Manual every 5 seconds. Period. The acolytes are really interesting. They can be outfitted with scything talons for free on top of their rending claws; this is always the correct play. 0. Flamers are an interesting proposition, but mostly as support. Your Wraithblades, Howling Banshees and Striking Scorpions are very strong choices for a melee-focused list and can even go toe-to-toe with formerly untouchable combat armies. You like to run fast and still hit your targets. Combat Warrior equipped same as comms (or additional boneswords if you want that extra attack though being able to shoot is a better option), Termagants for shooting(your choice of devourer or fleshborer depending on your points), Hormagaunts for combat(with adrenal glands if you want the extra speed, although I would only do this with spare points that can't fit another hormagaunt). With the exception of Flayed Ones, your team is largely mediocre in hand to hand combat, possessing no dedicated Melee Weapons outside of Flayer Claws. However, you can rely on a couple of constant weak spots: their low saves and lack of invulnerables, low toughness, overreliance on melee and lack of long ranged weaponry. Few ways to deal with obscured enemies that doesn't involve melee combat (other than Headshot on snipers, which you unlock at tier 2). The flayed one has over it more reliable attacks thanks to the re-rolls and the chance of tanking pretty much everything through reanimation protocols, plus they can be zealots while the genestealers can't. This thing has had 4 different versions in this game. My suggestion? Knowing what you're going to do doesn't do your opponent much good if he still can't hit or otherwise stop your murder clowns from the closing the distance, and. Hormagaunts swarm the field and claim objectives, the Warriors hold it together as your SYNAPSE providers, and the Ravener is there for disruption. Don't let them do that. The only possible team with them is this: Not enough to deal with an elite/commanders KT at the same points, honestly. Ever. AP-2 weapons will be enough to throw most units straight out of the game, so plasma will be abound. A great choice for fluffy Aspect Warrior focused lists where individual leadership matters so much more. PROTECT THE ROGUE PSYKER, those psybolts will be fundamental. Not because it's bad, it's because it can't be done. You want better? Their burst cannons are Assault weapons, letting them to Advance and fire a volley of four Strength 5 shots. Power From Pain and Combat Drugs are still in. The only truly dangerous ranged weapon Kroot have is the Kroot Gun on the Krootox, a unit that is limited to 1 per team. The necrons are one of the most infuriating teams to fight against in Kill Team. They are 5 points not counting the gunner, the leader or the extra equipment. Pretty brittle. Remember you are faster than most teams, use it to your advantage. Imperial Guard will have a close match against the GSC. The sollution? The regular neophyte can also carry the icon, which is a thing. Asurmen’s Blessing is going to aid your Dire Avengers in the shooting phase with a 1 Command Point tactic that will allow them to re-roll failed hits. He’s also the Tyranids’ only PSYKER option and can take the Strategist specialism, making him an extremely attractive Commander option. Nights Staff. Also, grenades. The Deathleaper comes with S6, 6W and 4A, but can only take a single specialism – it has to be a Level 4 Legendary Hunter specialist. Even the krootox' melee power will be pointless when they can easily rail rifle him from range. After that, the AP-1 will weaken the armour, wounding 50% of the time. No in-game incentive to fight it unless its happens to be near you. The recon drone is also great because they have 2 wounds! Need more wounds? The kroot carnivore is your basic unit, and the only one that can become the leader. Be prepared to spend whole battles shooting at everything and hitting nothing, or just take burnas- which are still weaker than most flamer equivalents. In general, you want the Fusion Pistol, but keep in mind that the harlequin's advantage is melee, not shooting. Seriously, out of the whole Kill Team roster, the kroot appear as the weakest list of them all. Even when going up against enemy Commanders, its Attacks and weapons aren’t going to be enough to take out heavier targets in a single charge, leaving you with a T4 model that only has a 5+ save. Once they have to defend themselves, their mediocre T3 and W1 make them a glass cannon, until you look at their invulnerable saves. Kill Team Tactics: Tyranids Strengths. Yawn, better luck next time. Tau have serious problems against the harlequins. Doing the same calculations against a marine: With that said, everyone in the world will see the single krootox in the table and think "huh, a unit so big in an army so numerous must be important. While you hit on a 3+ and have a Strength of 4 on most of your zombie robots, dedicated Melee Units (like the above Killer Clowns) will demolish you in hand to hand. Against the kroot rifle's S7, it will wound on 3+, or around 2/3 of the time. KT has a mechanic similar to 40K, where players earn a resource called Command Points (CP for short) which are then spent on bonus abilities. Not to say they CAN'T shoot though, seeing as Warriors and Hive Guard can take some pretty solid ranged weaponry. This page was last edited on 14 January 2021, at 08:57. All while being 6pts MORE expensive. The striking fangs add one extra attack if the unit at the receiving end has a flesh wound, and this has actually some punch against armour. Tactics [edit | edit source] The Killteam Division is built around micromanagement. If you're doing so then remember that that is going to cost you in the points department as a single drone with a stealth suit/fusion cannon combo will cost you 32 points, but boy howdy are those points worth it for a mobile fortress of death. You can run four lictors and reenact the movie Alien while scaring the shit out of your friends. So around 2/3. This can result in hilariously lucky kills in melee, but please don't make this your main strategy. A decent defensive perk, this'll help keep your dudes in the fight if your opponent's backing you into a corner. As such, you probably want to play as Hive Fleet Kraken for the mobility and the ability to chase down that pesky grunt that fell back from your hormagaunt. Also, keep in mind the Flayed One will be the most fragile unit in your team, on the basis that it always goes into melee, so no chance of avoiding its death on a 4 flesh wound roll. Reach melee, use high AP attacks, and watch as the most advanced species in the galaxy gets stomped by dumb mushrooms. Hot volley lasguns and volley guns, plasmas, snipers... all of that gives the AM the advantage on the long-middle range, but the GSC will wreck them in close combat. If you want to deal with units that are close to each other to boost one another, this is your mode. The two most useless drones are the markerlight drone (with BS 5+, it's pretty much only hitting on 6's due to cover or long range) and grav-inhibitor drones (but only because they are kind of a niche use thing, too much of a unitasker). Also, give this fucker the shooting specialism. Kill Team is fresh off the press, and it’s quite an awesome game. 2 Players with Shuriken Pistol and Harlequin's Kiss The gunner has access to a wide array of options. You can include these models on a kill team without preventing other models from gaining the bonus of a Drukhari Obsession, but they don't benefit from the bonus (for example if your kill team has 8 wyches, an Incubus and/or a Mandrake, you can choose a Drukhari obsession in the same way but will only affect to the wyches). This basically means that an attack will have 64/216 chance of wounding, or 8/27 (16/54). Being your most expensive model you'll only be able to bring up to 4, but that's the same number of specialists you can have, so your, If you are going to pick a Level 1 Broodlord, problably your best choice are Melee (against everything) or Strength (against GEQ if you, If you are going to play like a hero and pick a level 4 Broolord (and that's it, because it cost 196 points), consider to choose Psyker, especially the ability that permits you to choose your target for Smite: in this way you could stay in melee with the enemy (preventing it from shooting you) and still be able to deliver some damage in the Psychic Phase. In a normal fight each attack will have 12/216 chances of getting the wound in, or around 1/18. Toxin Sacs, on the other hand, bump their melee damage from 1 to 2 on wound rolls of 6+. Weaknesses. You'll probably be faster than them, use that speed to outmaneuver them. Throw psyquic attacks at your leisure, but protect the psyker at all costs. They will have to be careful, though, as their low toughness and bad saves means they can't really take that much damage. Despite having low armor saves, you have a lot of wounds. You could also pick long range attacks, especially Reim. Assault 3 mode is S6 AP0. Typically they are fairly easy to deal damage to, so you can try and shoot your way through the Tyranid team. The GSC have ten possible commanders, which is a lot. Taking out the Synapse models can throw a wrench into a Tyranid player’s plan. You're playing THE premiere melee faction. WS of 3+ minus one due to the hammer, hitting at 4+. It was Kill-team Brontos that first codified Malleus tactics. While this can save you from a dreaded 5 or 4, this could mean that it will fuck up a perfectly valid 6, with the potential of killing you if both of your rolls are too high (can someone confirm this?) They are pretty much the best defensive team in the game, in my opinion beating handily Death Guard in that regard. Guardian drone may be considered if you need the 6++ saves. Remember what can fly. Why won't you die!?? Between this, Soaring Spite, Cegorach's Jest and Fire and Fade, pistols are starting to become a solid investment for Harlies. At best, they will fail most of the hits and only take one out of your many wounds. Its weaponry is rather mixed. If the enemy manages to put out your synapse, you are in for a brief but painful couple of minutes. This is a stratagem for the pick, extra attacks on a 4+ is not as bad, and it still does D3 damage, so a hit will probably take down a unit anyway. Strikingly fast at 12" movement, they are especially designed to take down wounded units.